Updating playstation 3 blu ray

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I don't know if i have to change any of the settings on the BD/DVD part on the PS3. The reason I asked is cause I couldn't figure out how to play "Hard Boiled" from my Stranglehold disc. When it arrived today it was just like the cheap dvd's you get from HMV, just a case a leaflet about blu ray movies and the disc. Product Details.do?

ctx=280;-1;-1;-1&sku=635172 Hi I have just installed a BD into my new PS3 and I cant get it to play.

4.50 will let you view 3D Blu-rays in stereoscopic 3D.

That effectively turns the 9 PSVR into your personal 3D TV at a fraction of the price they were when Sony was first pushing them, and without the need for expensive battery-powered glasses for viewing content (although, granted, you’ll have a much bulkier device on your head already).

This information comes from the PS3 Development Wiki, where you can find all the information that has been collected by various developers/sceners. The following line is already changed from 1 to 0: #--------------------------------------------- # Install Systemsoftware # 0 = ���s���Ȃ� # 1 = ���s���� #---------------------------------------------- 0 This will make sure the drive init PUP is not installed, thus preventing RLOD because of syscon hashes on downgraded consoles.

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You can change your name sure, but only on your screen. Like seriously, who TF do we have to talk to to get you people to add SOMETHING from Share into an update!?

It’s just the latest in a range of video-focused updates for PSVR; 360 degree video support was added to the PS4’s You Tube app in the past few weeks, complimenting a range of native apps already available on the Play Station Store.

Perhaps more exciting is the implications this has for gaming.

You need to buy an HMDI cable to watch Blu Ray movies.

Sony changed this during the last hardware revision.

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