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But one of the things that spoke to me the most about Pearl Jam, which I wasn't able to articulate until I was a bit older and started writing and talking about them in a systemic way, was the optimism that lay beneath the music, though you’d miss it on a superficial listen.

Grunge reflected a lost soul searching for a companion to walk with them down a long, dark, lonely, road.

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Acoustic #1 (Demo 1991) (Eddie Vedder Stone Gossard)18.

Times Of Trouble (Demo 1990) (Stone Gossard, Mike Mc Cready, Jeff Ament Matt Cameron)17.

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Like most (white) American men of a certain age, grunge was my formative musical experience, and the music resonated with incredible power. Four genre-defining singers coming out of the same god damned town.

Even my lesser lights in the big 6 grunge bands (I always included STP and the Pumpkins alongside the Seattle groups-it feels right spiritually, if not geographically) were still tremendous talents, and it seemed impossible that this much amazing music could come out of one brief moment in time (one I assumed would extend on into forever). What a time to find yourself first opening up to music.

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