Muffle system logging error updating see ipkg log

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Ik begrijp niet helemaal waarom dit niet zou kunnen.

Iemand die voor elkaar heeft gekregen dat dit toch werkt?

So as an example, lets say I want to push a running log of vu well now I feel like an idiot. Will accept the answer when it allows (9min)@aaron Just a note since you mentioned you are creating the application, and then plan to tail the log, just be careful to understand that just because you have written a line in the application doesn't mean the line has shown up in the log since the output may be buffered.

I use the tail command all the time, (just not with the -f parameter).

web OS doctor can fix virtually any problem you may cause to your HP touchpad. web OS Doctor is not necessary to overclock the HP Touchpad, it is simply a fix if things go wrong -From there, go to device options, and select web OS doctor.

Once it's downloaded, run the program with your -fully charged- touchpad plugged into the -computer and like magic you will be back up and running! If you are stuck in a loop or need a restart, try reading this : __________________________________________________ __________________________________________ With Unix Psycho's Kernel, you are actually able to choose clocks from 1.2 to 1.9 Instructions on how to do this coming soon.

It is very difficult to brick web OS on the HP Touchpad.

But incase things go bad, you should be able to easily fix it!

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