Lil mo dating dhani jones who is he dating

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By the end of the season, it looked like the two were finally beginning to patch things up and although we haven’t seen them on TV together in over a year, many fans assumed that their friendship was back on track. I can see her doing a TV One ‘Unsung,’ ” Mo explained.But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore now that Lil Mo has come out and blasted the news that Michel’le is getting a biopic. A’s Eazy-E as well as her violent decadelong relationship with Dr. Well, do you agree with Mo or does Michel’le deserve a biopic? Well, Mo recently discussed the big news on her on “The Fam in the Morning” radio show and she told her listeners that she believes that their are other singers who were more deserving than Michel’le to get a biopic and said she’s “not here” for the film. And that’s not to discredit, but I have more hits than her,” Mo said. I think somebody’s gonna play him, but they’re gonna play their self,” Mo said.In addition to her solo work and collaborative efforts with Missy Elliott, Lil' Mo worked with former associate Ja Rule, with whom she penned chart-topping hits like the Grammy-nominated "Put It on Me" and "I Cry".Thereafter, Lil' Mo would go on to release four studio albums, eleven music videos and over fourteen hit singles.Cynthia Karen Loving, (born November 19, 1971) best known by her stage name Lil' Mo, is an American R&B singer, radio personality, songwriter, and record producer.She debuted on the music scene as Missy Elliott's protégée and contributed guest vocals to some of Elliott's work, most notably the record-breaking "Hot Boyz".

I just know that there was a certain image that I wanted to maintain and that’s the face of family because I believe in that.

I don’t care about what people think about me–because I know what God…no, but the whole fact of that matter is people be saying stuff and they think I’m not gonna say nothing back.

And I don’t take it personal, this is just business but you not ‘gon come on my page talkin’ crazy. Cuz I realized, I said me being nice and all spooky and all, ‘Oh my god I just want everybody to win and survive’, man, I got four kids and ish got real.

Born into a military family, Loving was raised primarily on Long Island, New York, but moved about regularly as her family followed her father's military assignments.

Along with her parents, Bishop Jacob and First-Lady Cynthia Loving Sr., she lived in Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina before settling in Baltimore, Maryland.

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