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An Iranian engineer also had a part of her bare shoulder blurred.Dorsa (pictured) and Borna Derakhshani, two of the country’s leading youth chess players, were told they can no longer be part of the national team after competing in the Gibraltar Chess Festival this month.

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He also began building roads to facilitate trade, enhance relations among the states and attain his military goals.Although according to will the "Aryans", inhabitants of the vast Iranian plateau, were not the founders of civilization and followed the Babylonian as well as Egyption examples yet their ingenious Souls enabled them to transform those models, institute the first autonomous nation and establish a well-organized financial system.Ironically, Achaemenian's most remarkable military expedition against the Greeks took place in 480 B. resulting in both the Iranian's defeat and Seizure of undisputed power by Alexander.The Royal messengers, chapars, would travel the long and vast roads of Achaemenian empire to deliver the Royal decrees or commands to the state rulers as well as military commanders and return with reports on the state of affairs.The messengers would then deliver the communications to the "Chapar House", present day post office, situated along the route and the process would continue until reaching the final destination.

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