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For example, the update settings API can be used to dynamically change the index from being more performant for bulk indexing, and then move it to more real time indexing state.

Before the bulk indexing is started, use:(Another optimization option is to start the index without any replicas, and only later adding them, but that really depends on the use case).

Bindows Free Gauges have some limitations in this area (including not being documented) but if you know your way around Bindows you can still accomplish good things.

So in this example we are going to update the label of a gauge dynamically.

State is similar to props, but it is private and fully controlled by the component.

We mentioned before that components defined as classes have some additional features.

If you are unsure, just change some properties, such as color, reload your page and see if you have targeted the correct class.

I am using "sample.html" and "g_clock_bindows.xml" as a base that comes standard with the Bindows Free Gauges package.

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You can convert a functional component like set up its own timer and update itself every second.

While the data was expected to change, the frequency of those changes was expected to be fairly low, and all updates were made as external edits to a zone's Master File.

Using this specification of the UPDATE opcode, it is possible to add or delete RRs or RRsets from a specified zone.

Here is the gauge before any modification: The first step is to figure out which object is responsible for the effect that you want.

It's pretty easy to read the xml file that describes the gauge and find the correct class.

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