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Some coins derive value from their pristine state of preservations (called uncirculated coins), and heavily worn or damaged coins are always worth less than specimens showing average wear.Look up individual coins using the search functions on this web site.The tables in section 6 should help you find the right records.The National Archives has representations for around 2,950,000 designs registered between 18.

As a general rule, coins closer to the top of the page, and coins closer to the top of a group, command higher values than coins in lower positions.Inscriptions of BRITT, BRITANNIA, BRITTANNIARUM or of British rulers ANNE, GEORGE, WILLIAM, VICTORIA, EDWARD, and ELIZABETH, often with DEI GRATIA (by the grace of God) usually indicate British origins. Use this list of British monarchs to get an idea of date when no date appears explicitly on the coin.Likewise, British coins do not always bear inscriptions that identify their monetary value, relying on size, pattern and composition to convey this information.Also be aware that the tables of date letters in most references are only for silver items, see Cautions about Hallmark Tables.There is a lot of information on this page and I know it can be difficult to take it all in, so if you are struggling to understand the marks in your watch case please ask me for help via my contact me page.

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