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Have you ever tried to help someone and they didn’t end their relationship? Take this quiz to find out how ready and willing you are to help. Answer yes or no to the following questions to find out.Make sure to check the box to record your responses.Is your relationship absolutely amazing, in need of some serious work, or one you may need to leave?The quiz below can give you a sense of whether your relationship is fair and respectful.When your quiz is scored, one of four different information pages will appear to describe the results for scores in your range, along with further details of how your score was computed.

Make sure to check the boxes to record your responses.It is not a diagnostic test and is intended solely to help you identify aspects of your relationship experience which Dr Carver has associated with hurtful relationships and potentially, at particularly high levels, with the types of abuse sometimes linked to personality disorders.In common with some tests featured on this site which were developed to identify actual symptoms consistent with particular mental disorders, this test has been constructed with a forced-choice semantic interval question design which is intended to avoid the pitfalls of central tendency bias as well as acquiescence bias. ” relationship test was developed by Dr Greg Mulhauser and Dr Joseph Carver. To some, it means not cheating, and for others, it means dating exclusively or maintaining a marriage. (I recommend you take the quiz before reading further so that you can give your natural responses.) Click here to take the quiz We all say it, but what does commitment really mean?

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