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the Staines Massive etc) so I have first hand experience of what he's actually making fun of.

I actually live right near Staines (the place he's always going on about..

This is the second very public mix up over the Kazakh national anthem this year.

The area is infested with those idiotic Asian rapper type scumbags, and a whole load of whites who try to dress/act/speak like them.

lol I know you have to be talking about that show on HBO,hes the jew hip hop wigger guy. The song says "Throw the jew in the well,then my country will be good!

I have a question.....he makeing fun of wiggers dressing and talking like that?

Anvar Ynusmetov, the head of the Kazakh rifle shooting team, said the Kuwaitis had apologised for the mix up.

He blamed local officials downloading the wrong anthem from the internet for the error.

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