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My name on this site is only incidental but this page really belongs to all the Muktha fans who are actively contributing as well as passively reading it. Bulletting and numbered lists don’t work properly but for that or other formatting, you could use markdown syntax since the plugin is enabled.

The closest I’ve come to actually following a serial is undoubtably Muktha by T. His tranquility in the most adverse circumstances is something I find pretty inspiring; I’d even say he’s a kind of role model. There are also some excellent ideas like putting up audio/video of the serial on the net (depending on E TVs permission) or enabling Internet chat, etc, and maybe if anyone can post the lyrics of the title song. Muktha Title Song Lyrics Baraha (in English) version [contributed by Chaitanya] Kannada (Unicode) version [~Chaitanya] Lyrics by Singer [contributed by Amruta] ———- A scene from Muktha [created & contributed by Amruta] — [ any text.

This running log of news also serves as a window into areas of media focus and public interest regarding trans issues during 2013.

Let us know if you hear of news to include in this list.

I'm glad I got an early start on Dahl, Lawrence, and Orwell, warning me about technology's effect on art, obsession's effect on childhood, and imperalism's effect on the oppressor, respectively.

And though ETAOINSHRDLU caused me to regard "Wheel of Fortune" the way many programmers feel about Sudoku -- that it presents problems to humans that properly ought to be solved by computers -- and thus be a bit of a funless jerk for a while about a TV show that provides pleasure to many people, it's has proven useful in countless games of Hangman, and in an inadvertent audience participation moment during a play I saw in Manchester in 2014.

It does take too much time to download movies, etc.

I blurted out something like "E, then T, then A, because the twelve most common letters in the corpus of English-language writing, in order, are ETAOINSHRDLU".A latest update ensures that you are having the optimal experience as you should while browsing.All libraries / security patches / bug fixes / etc.Mozilla Firefox comes later because they don’t have a release cycle as Google and also has some issues regarding upgrading to the latest versions. CCleaner is the BEST FREE utility I know of which really helps speed up your system, and This thing cleans up your resource hogging system into fairly a brand new one !Its also available for MAC (Mountain Lion and ) now.

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